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Capacity management et Sizing pour SharePoint 2010

Je suis en train d’étudier le sizing d’une ferme SharePoint 2010 pour le Laboratoire Microsoft et c’est franchement pas simple !
Un white paper de Microsoft vient d’être publié à ce sujet :


This white paper describes the concepts you need to understand to successfully determine the appropriate capacity for your Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 environment. This white paper provides you with the information that helps you:

  • Understand the concepts behind effective capacity management.
  • Define performance and capacity targets for your environment.
  • Select the appropriate data architecture.
  • Choose hardware to support the number of users and the features you intend to deploy.
  • Test, validate, and adjust your environment to achieve your performance and capacity targets.
  • Monitor and adjust your environment to match demand.

Sinon je remercie Emannuel pour m’avoir donné un coup de main sur le sizing du nouveau portail 🙂

==> http://blogs.msdn.com/emberger/

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