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“Writing”, this is for me a form of personal freedom and a great way to express myself and share. I started at 14 years old and this is through this passion of computing that came to me this opportunity. I’ve got the luck to publish books and numerous articles. And since then, as soon as the opportunity arises, I take out my pen!


IT Books

A very great writing project of 4 books in French published by Eyrolles editions. We were a team of 13 authors and about twenty reviewers. I contributed in two of the books, and I coordinated the entire project and the extended team.

This ambitious project was not easy but we’ve been through. We were able together to celebrate the end of the project during a dinner with the Eyrolles team and our preface writer of honor, Bernard Ourghanlian. Great remembers!

My second book, co-writing with Jean-Sébastien Duchêne, has been published by DUNOD editions (ISBN : 2100547437) in June 2010. The topic is the deployment and migration of PCs to Windows 7. This is like a Bible proofread by David Sebban and Aurélien Bonnin. Laurent Ellerbach was in charge to write our preface.

This book was important for me because it was looking after my first book to initialize this kind of project just by myself. I created and sold the business case to the publisher, structured the book and the story, etc. Amazon link.

My first book has been co-written with Erol Giraudy and his wife Martine. The topic was the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. It has been published in September 2009 by ENI editions when I was intern within the Evangelist team at Microsoft France. I wrote many articles for the press during this period and Erol came to offer me this opportunity! This always does something when you receive your book with your name on it as author 🙂

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