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Publication of our 4 books on Windows 8!

This is a story of an adventure of 13 passionate guys!

We could not board you in reading these books whithout explaining how this project started. These books are part of an editorial project initiated at the beginning of 2012. There are four books and the theme is around Windows 8. The 13 authors of these works are passionate and recognized experts in their respective fields.









Here the list of the books:

Around 20 people at Microsoft have contributed to this project by performing a deep and pragmatic review of the books. Some of these reviewers are also recognized experts and have sometimes challenged us on our own skills! Other reviewers, with no technical expertise, brought their stone to the edifice by suggesting improvements in writing. In short, it was an unusual project that gave us a lot of fun!

By wishing that you will enjoy this pleasure, I wish you an excellent read!

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