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Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012

Always a good document to keep in your toolbox. This document provides excellent performance guidelines in common deployment scenario. This new version of the document cover Windows Server 2012. Document includes general guideline for each components included in a server (CPU, Network, storage) and also detailed performance tuning for specific scenarios.

Excellent except there is no guideline for DirectAccess .


Previous version of the document is available here and covers Windows Server 2008 R2.


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DirectAccess KB to keep in mind

I was involved in multiple DirectAccess projects. Many projects started with a simple proof of concept and continue with a complete project including final tests in production. This is the most critical phase of the project. Everything must work. Sometimes, I had to face strange behavior of Windows 7 laptops when they come back to LAN, resuming from hibernation. Sometime it worked, sometime not.


To avoid such problems, have a look at KB2680464. According to this KB, the corporate location detection functionality might be disabled and it not reactivated witch lead to do not detect domain connectivity.


For your next project, just think to deploy this KB on Windows 7 computers.


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Small tip for DirectAccess with Windows 8

With Windows 7, it was easy to know whether if DirectAccess was operational or not. We have the DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant illustrated bellow. The tool was included in the task bar and reachable quickly :



With Windows 8, if you use a brand new tablet (Not yet a surface for me ), just use Windows Charms to reach this interface and show properties of the “Workspace Connection”.



But, many customers are experiencing Windows 8 on their existing laptops. In this situation, multiple clicks and mouse movements are required. In this case, be smart and just run “DAPROP.EXE”  from the start menu or from a PowerShell command line as illustrated bellow :



Small tip but very useful.


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