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iPhone HD on June 22, CDMA version for Verizon?

The Wall Street Journal and Engadget have been mentioning that the next generation iPhone will be named the “iPhone HD.”  There is also reports that Apple will be unveiling the next generation iPhone and iPhone OS 4.0 on Tuesday, June 22, 2010.

The Taiwanese manufacturer, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which has produced previous versions of the iPhone, said that they are developing two versions of the phone.  One model will be the standard GSM iPhone, to work on networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Rogers (Canada), and producing a special CDMA iPhone to work with carriers like Verizon, Sprint and Bell (Canada).  Bell currently offers the iPhone 3GS to customers on their HSPA+ network.

The iPhone will need to be developed in two different hardware versions, as the chip Apple is using can’t provide a dual-operation to work on both GSM and CDMA towers.  With another hardware version launching, this means that Verizon will in fact be getting the next generation iPhone, the iPhone HD.  However, the manufacturer said it will start producing these in September.  Customers may have to wait till holiday season to get a Verizon iPhone HD.

There is also support A4-class SoC, a 960 x 640 display, a front-facing camera and that the iPhone OS 4.0 will enable multi-task support for third-party applications.

As AT&T’s exclusive contract comes to an end, other carriers will try to extend their reach to Apple, in hopes that they will also carry the iPhone.

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Activer le partage de connexion internet sur l’iPhone

In the UK o2 wants to charge nearly £15 a month just to tether your iPhone and use it with your laptop. In the US AT&T has not officially announced their charges or support but now a simple, easy and maybe not so carrier approved method has come to light.
The method does not require that you use iTunes to hack anything or jailbreak the phone but simply visit a website and download a settings file to update the device.
Thanks to Richard Lai there is a simple guide.

  1. Visit from your iPhone 3.0 device
  2. You will see the following screen, select "MobileConfigs"
  3. Next, select your provider and download the settings pack:
  4. You should now be able to enable tethering:

We are not sure whether a charge would be applied by your provider or whether this is totally legal but many sites are reporting success and I can confirm on a iPhone 3G 3.0 with o2 UK it works OK

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How to Upgrade/Update iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware For Free

Apple is all set to release iPhone & iPod Touch Firmware 3.0. OS 3.0 is second major firmware update for iPhone & iPod touch. iPhone 2G, 3G users are allowed to have free upgrade to iPhone firmware 3.0, however iPod touch users need pay $9.95 to upgrade to OS 3.0.

We are sure many users are not happy with this kind of behavior from apple towards iPod Touch Users. Well don’t worry we will tell you how you can update iPod Touch 3.0 for free once apple had release OS 3.0 for iPod Touch.

How to Upgrade/Update iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware For Free

1. Download & Install iTunes 8.2

2. Download iPod Touch 2G Firmware 3.0 IPSW iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

& iPod Touch 1G Firmware 3.0 IPSW iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

3. Connect your iPod Touch to computer

4. Start iTunes 8.2 & Select iPod Touch from devices list

5. Hold Shift and click Restore.

6. Locate iPod Touch ipsw files downloaded in step 2

7. Do not disconnect till iTunes has completed updating iPod Touch

That’s it, Now enjoy your iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware.

Check out Download links for iPhone 2G/3G & iPod Touch 2G 3.0 Software update


Des chiffres (et des lettres)

Voici une petite nouvelle qui je me fait une joie de relayer juste pour faire hurler les baltringues qui pensent qu’Apple a inventé le smartphone voire même le téléphone mobile.

Selon Blog-Mobile.Com qui cite Steve Ballmer, plus de 5 millions de téléphones mobiles équipés de Windows Mobile auraient été vendus au cours du 4ème trimestre 2008. C’est beaucoup plus que les 4,4 millions d’iPhone vendus qu’avait annoncé Steve Jobs juste avant sa mort au cours de la revue de résultats du groupe Apple pour la même période.

Toujours dans ce même article, note que cette nouvelle contraste avec les annonces de certains analystes qui affirment que l’iPhone aurait déjà dépassé en nombre les ventes de mobiles sous Windows Mobile. Il note également que l’iPhone est à l’apogée de sa popularité, qu’il est disponible dans le monde entier et qu’il est vendu moins cher que la majorité des téléphones Windows disponibles sur le marché. Il en conclut donc que l’iPhone ne devrait plus dépasser Microsoft, tout au moins dans sa forme actuelle.

Pour une fois qu’un blog consacré à la téléphonie nous nous rabache pas encore et toujours les mêmes salades sur les iPhones…