Windows 7 Build 7140 Details Leaked

Meanwhile a poster at a Russian forums claims that Microsoft is up to build 7154. Claim of build 7140 is seems to more genuine. Most trusted source Wzor is down from a week so now every news is likely to be rumor from the forums. Now wait for the next leak which is expected any time before 20th till then enjoy the changelog and current leak build 7127. We’ll update you with every buzz of the Windows 7 upcoming leaks so make sure to subscribe our feeds.

  1. You can now add anything to the Taskbar.
  2. Icons slightly expand when you hover over them on the taskbar.
  3. The “System” menu is more simplistic, and easier to navigate.
  4. You can change the login screen picture through the “Personalization” menu.
  5. The menu/lists that pop up when you right click on things now have the Aero Glass effect.
  6. The default icons for Folders have changed to be the transparent blue ones featured a long time ago.
  7. The Minimize/Maximize/Exit buttons on the top-right of a window have changed icons, and are a bit smaller than the Vista/7 counterparts.
  8. [BIG ONE]: There’s an “Upload” feature for Pictures, files, and videos. If you right-click a file, and click “Upload”, you can make it automatically upload to a website of your choice. After uploading, a pop-up will appear saying it’s done, and clicking “OK” will cause the link/download link to the file to appear in the popup box. I tried ImageShack and Facebook, and they work.
  9. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese unicode(s) and settings are integrated, so one can run foreign apps or use foreign keyboards without changing languages & restarting.



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