Communauté de blogueurs – Indépendants et impertinents !

Our story

Here our story …

Once upon time two friends, a young and a less young, both passionate by new technologies and in particular by Microsoft products. These two friends loved to share some bad geek jokes, and if some were funny, others were less thoughtful. With time passing, information technologies were changing and one day, the cloud appeared and Microsoft launched its products line! The two friends were watching this pretty closely for a while since the beta phases of the products. And they started to have a good laugh by seeing a bunch of other fellow Geeks sweat, panicking or marvel. What a ball …

Anyway, the fresher of the two friends, dixit the Padawan, asked his Master to know where was the next “Afterworks of Microsoft Communities” evening. The Padawan was ready to take a famous joke but the Master, having more twisted ideas of old fossil, said to his Padawan: “In Your Cloud“. And this is from this day that this joke deliriously of a night led to the creation of this nice blogging platform open to any passionate person about technologies.

Some additional and useful information:

  • This blogging platform does not belong in any case to a IT player.
  • We are a community of free and open minded enthusiasts.
  • No IT player has contributed to the launch of this platform or its promotion.

Enjoy your visit and if you think you have your place among us, contact us right now!

William BORIES (aka : Padawan) & Laurent MILTGEN-DELINCHAMP (aka : Old Fossil Master)