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Give me five, MVP Enterprise Security MVP renewed
It’s always a good surprise to receive this mail from Microsoft each year. I’ve been reviewing my post one year ago to look if i reached some of my goals : Of course, some great stuff on DirectAccess Also some good stuff on SCSM Even some Orchestrator...
Microsoft Security Advisory 2798897
In early days of 2013, Microsoft published the Security advisory 2798897 concerning compromised certification authority. These certification authorities delivered fraudulent digital certificate that was recently used in a attack.   Microsoft updated...
Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012
Always a good document to keep in your toolbox. This document provides excellent performance guidelines in common deployment scenario. This new version of the document cover Windows Server 2012. Document includes general guideline for each components...
PSPing a new tool from Mark Russinovich
SysInternal tools are a great suite of tool provided by Mark Russinovich and his team . Each tool of this collection is a valuable tool. PSPING.EXE is not an exception. “PSPING.EXE is a a command-line utility for measuring network performance. In addition...
Enterprise Security MVP for a third year!
That’s done. I’ve received the magic mail. Let start for a third year as an Enterprise Security MVP. I will start this new year with new objectives such as DirectAccess (Windows 8 DirectAccess of course) but also FIM. Just like young boys...
MVP renewal
I’ve been awarded as Enterprise Security MVP for the first time in October 2009. My MVP is  renewed for another year, so another year of challenge and tricky posts. This year, i will include a new dimension to my posts : Business compliance with...
Here come the time for vacations
It has been a long time since my last vacations. September is the time for my Corsican break. One week without IT, even a Smartphone. One long week before new posts. I have many subjects in the pipe such as : Scenarios around UAG Scenarios around PKI...